In Memoriam: Edgar H Emery Jr.

Edgar Hendrickson Emery Jr. was born in 1956 in Sunbury,Pa.

After a short time in the army he moved to New Jersey with his first wife and son, Brian, and then graduated from Steven Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ with a master’s degree in Industrial Psychology which lead him to join the Human Resources department at Fiduciary Trust International on October 26, 1986.

Working up through the ranks he become the Vice President of Human Resources,
also known as the Training Director, and worked on the 95th Floor in the South Tower. He is remember fongly by all his colleagues.

Dana Meltzer-Berkowitz remembers him as “…a friend, a colleague, a husband, father, and most of all a hero… always pleasant, always smiling, always so nice, and always happy to be at work…”

Ed Schmitt adds that Ed Emery “was perfectly suited for his role because he really was a “people person”.

And again, on the Fiduciary Trust Int’l website, Anne Foodim, Elnora Halton and Stephanie Koskuba, all note that:

“As Fiduciary’s training director, Ed touched so many lives. He taught so many valuable lessons to so many people, and we are all better people for having known him. Working with Ed was truly a gift. Confident, thoughtful, selfless, patient, insightful and caring, always with a smile and a wink.”

His corporate and personal life would come together when he would organise the Corporate Challenge 5K run getting as many people involved as possible – Kevin Granville, friend and colleague, being one of them.

“”He pulled me into these 5-K runs,…Only the last couple of races we ran, I guess Ed didn’t have anything to prove,” he said. “He’d stay back with me, make sure I was doing O.K., not having a heart attack.””

Running was Ed’s favourte hobby and barely a day would go by when he wouldn’t go out for a run after work. His wife of 6 years, Elizabeth, would often hold dinner for him and joke with him when he would return after running in freezing weather about the icicles on his hat. The running helped to relieve some of the stress while studying for his associate’s certificate in financial planning from New York University. His diploma arrived in the mail shortly after 9-11.

“He was the best listener that I ever had met,” remembered Elizabeth who met the immensely likeable man as they commuted to work in the mornings.

Brian Emery, 24, of Leesburg, Fla., commented that his father “could make a friend just walking down the street,”

On September 11th Ed helped his colleagues, including Anne Foodim, to escape, walking down to the Express Elevator on the 78th floor. He made sure everyone got aboard, squeezed Foodim’s shoulder and let the door close in front of him. He then headed up tp he 97th floor where he used his own jacket to block the smoke billowing air vents and tried to get the sprinkler system to work.

I shall leave this with some final words from Elizabeth Emery:

“He was a humble man who won my heart with his unassuming manner, sophisticated wit, and an intensity and strength of character hidden beneath his calm, well-controlled appearance. His final actions on September 11 speak best about his character, so self-effacing.

That morning Ed personally escorted co-workers down many flights of stairs, protecting and encouraging them to seek safety. And then he turned back to help others, so brave, loyal and unselfish, undoubtedly hopeful that he could be of service. He was not a firefighter or a cop, just an ordinary man. An extra-ordinary man-a hero.

For all his obvious virtues, I cannot reveal the essence of my love for him, intimate and precious beyond measure. He gave me the world and all my dreams, pure and simple without pretense. He touched me in the deepest, most profound way. Ed, I will be eternally in love with, but missing, you.”

Quilt image used by kind permission by Kim Monins of United In Memory – The 9/11 Victims Memorial Quilt
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~ by Bec on September 11, 2006.

15 Responses to “In Memoriam: Edgar H Emery Jr.”

  1. What a beautiful Tribute!!

  2. Thank you for sharing a very special tribute of a wonderful gentleman with us. So much was lost on that day.

  3. wow! I am so proud to be part of this project with people like you.
    we are remembering each one, and praying for their families. God Bless you and all the 2996ers for your efforts. We will never forget!

  4. What a wonderful tribute, Bec.

    I’m glad to see you back online, too.

  5. Debbie – Thank you

    Vickie – The more I read about him, the more I grew to relaise what had been taken from us

    David – I will stay a part of this project as long as it runs. Iam so poud to be a part of it! Never forget!

    Sheryl – Thank you, and I’m glad to be back!

  6. OK, this one actually made me weep. It was that last part by his wife. So terribly sad.

  7. SJ – when I found that bit on the Fiduciary Trust website I was gone… had to stop researching for a while and go and sit someone quiet.

  8. As a friend of Ed’s I want to thank you for posting this lovely tribute, what a great project! I will be sure to sign up next year!

  9. Maxine -It was an honour to have been entrusted with remembering Ed. It must have been wonderful to know such a great man.

  10. [url=][/url]

  11. What a wonderful tribute this man was my cousin and he was loved. Thank you for sharing.
    Petra McCoy

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  13. We miss you Uncle Ed!! You are a true hero!!

  14. What a beautiful tribute!

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